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We are proud to be part of this community, serving your heating and cooling needs with nearly 50 years of experience. We are the area's premier provider of energy efficient and earth friendly geothermal heat pumps. We offer installation, service, repair and maintenance of geothermal systems with our certified technicians. We are proud to offer the Hydron Module brand. Call us today to learn how a new Geothermal system can provide your home with forced air or radiant heating & cooling, hot water, pool conditioning and ice and snow melt.

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If Geothermal is not for you and you are looking for traditional heating and cooling products, we can do that too.  Click here to learn more about quality traditional furnacesair conditionersheat pumps and indoor air quality products from Carrier.

About St. Clair, MO - Happy to be your hometown Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor!

St. Clair, Missouri is located in Franklin County less than an hour southwest of St. Louis on I-44 and Route 47.  In 1849 the town was founded by a gentleman named William Kerr.  This small town was originally named Travelers Repose and was later changed to reflect the name of a local railroad engineer, Saint Clair.  Today around 4,700 residents call St. Clair home.  This small town is known for having two waters towers humorously painted with the words “Hot” and “Cold.”

St. Clair’s town motto is “we are open for business.”  This small town is constantly working to move forward in all areas of business and community.  The St. Clair Chamber of Commerce has experienced tremendous growth in the past few years, stating its mission as “a catalyst for improving the overall quality for our community by serving, representing and enhancing business growth and success.

This is a town full of family friendly fun.  There are three parks, a sports complex and a swimming pool here.  Orchard Park is a beautiful twenty-four acres park containing Reed Field Baseball Diamond, basketball courts, handball courts, playground equipment and multiple pavilions.  Evergreen Park has an amazing 2,000+ square foot water spray park that is a great place to cool off in the summer.  Main Street Park is the newest park and sits between Frisco Railroad and the downtown business district.  The Iron Hill Sports Complex is owned and operated by the St. Clair Baseball Association and it has a several baseball diamonds.

St. Clair, MO experiences the changing weather patterns that come with being in a continental climate.  This town loves baseball and spending a day at the ballpark; this can mean experiencing high temperatures and humidity reaching above 90 in the summer.  You can bet that a reliable and well maintained air conditioning unit is a priority for these families.  Winter brings the community together for indoor sports when temperatures can fall below freezing for about a third of the year.  Updating to a high efficiency furnace can help residents here with lowering heating bills.

The mid-western town is full of charm and encompasses a strong enthusiasm for growth.