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Revolution Series Indoor Split System

Hydron Module Geothermal

The Hydron Module Two-Stage Split unit is the ideal solution to enhance the efficiency of an existing furnace or air conditioner. The geothermal system provides the initial stages of heating and all of the air conditioning. Split systems can also be installed as stand alone systems, in both new construction and in existing homes.

Applications: Forced air heating and cooling; Domestic hot water

  • Solid brass service valves
  • Built-in thermal expansion valve (TXV)
  • Copeland UltraTech two-stage scroll compressor
  • Digital controls
  • Optional hot water generator (Desuperheater)
  • Oversized copper coaxial heat exchanger
  • Rugged powder coated cabinet with stainless steel accent panels
  • Foil backed, recycled blue jean insulation (no fiberglass)
  • Insulated refrigerant circuit
Model Capacity Heating Cooling
Btu/hr COP Btu/hr EER
HST024 Full Load 18,600 3.4 24,900 16.1
Part Load 14,400 3.8 18,300 22.1
HST036 Full Load 28,400 3.7 38,000 16.5
Part Load 22,600 4.2 28,900 23.9
HST048 Full Load 35,900 3.8 48,600 18.7
Part Load 27,900 4.2 39,400 26.4
HST060 Full Load 44,200 3.5 62,200 16.8
Part Load 34,700 3.9 47,400 22.5
HST072 Full Load 51,200 3.4 67,800 15.9
Part Load 41,500 3.7 53,700 22.1
  • Rated in accordance with ISO Standard 13256-1, which includes pump penalties.
  • Heating capacities based on 68.0°F DB, 59.0°F WB entering air temperature.
  • Cooling capacities based on 80.6°F DB, 66.2°F WB entering air temperature.
  • Entering water temperatures Full Load: 32°F heating / 77°F cooling.
  • Entering water temperatures Part Load: 41°F heating / 68°F cooling.

Depending on your equipment and installation type your installer will help determine which of these accessories are needed to complete your geothermal system.

  • Programmable thermostat
  • Non-programmable thermostat
  • Auxiliary internal electric heater
  • Auxiliary external electric heater
  • Flow centers - pressurized
  • Flow centers - non-pressurized
  • EWC zone control
  • Unit air pad (plastic or foam)
  • Electrostatic filter (washable)
  • Electronic 24 volt air cleaner
  • Disposable pleated filter
  • Air handler (DX refrigerant based)
  • "A" coil (DX refrigerant based)
  • Closed loop installation tools & supplies
  • Well water kits
  • Extended warranty
  • Consumer purchase plans

Hydron Module Split Series Brochure

Product brochure for the Revolution series two-stage split.

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Owner's Manual

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